Sketchup 2020 on WINE: Collada files import is not working anymore

I’ve been using Sketchup 2020 on Arch Linux for a few years using WINE emulator with no issues.
Since a few weeks ago I’m not able to import any Collada file: when I try to, I just see an “Import failed” message.
I guess this is related to a recent WINE update, is there any way to debug this and try to reinstall a working setup?

Solved downgrading wine to 8.13-1. This is not the last working wine version, it’s just the first I tried to restore. I’m fine with it I didn’t test newer.

Your profile says SketchUp for Schools 2020. There is no such thing. SketchUp for Schools is a web based version for school children. Is that what you are using? Or maybe a cracked version of 2020 Pro?