SketchUp 2020.2 - Problem with assign entities to another tag

SketchUp 2020.2. What’s wrong with scroll bar? How could I choose another tag don’t display in the list?

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Looks like the tag-names starting with a number aren’t listed or at least move to the end, but the drop-down is not scroll-able…

Why not rename m_brick ?
I’m not sure what you are intending ?
Here you are globally moving every using that tag to another tag…
You could use the context-menu to select tag-matching objects, the Entity Info to change their tags ?

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I have tagged many entities inside many groups with “m_brick”. Some entities (inside other groups) are tagged by “m_brick#1” Now I change my workflow with the new tag system, “m_brick” to “m_brick#1” for example. That the reason I can’t rename or use Entity Info to change tag.

The up/down arrows should allow you to scroll the tag list. I’ll open a request to add a scrollbar.


Thanks SketchUp Team.

Another oddity you might fix in this dialog is that its list of tag-names is unsorted - seems to match when they were added to the model’s [template’s] layers collection, rather than their actual name ?
The up/down arrows do allow you to ‘scroll’ but where you are going is potentially confusing, since tag “XREF” will not be near the end of the list if you made it early on in the modeling process, whereas “AARDVARK” will be at the end if it’s the last tag you created !!

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There is a Windows setting where you can opt to have a menu scroll when your mouse is over the last item. Could that be included?

Exactly! You said all I want to say.

Why don’t you keep the the third radio button you have always had “Assign to Layer 0” (unassigned)

Workaround for me was to assign to one of the visible layers, until the list was shorter than the list box, then the “unassigned” tag was visible

You could always start all your tags with v,w, x,y or z, that way Untagged would be at the top. :grinning: