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Better dimensioning in layout. This is a critical element that needs to work well if I am going to avoid having to move to AutoCAD to complete construction documents. My main complaint regarding dimensions is the text. If the dimension is short, the text box will cover (hide) parts of the extension line, dimension line and arrows. This makes no sense. Why does the text box have a fill to it in the first place? At least make the fill an option that can be turned off. 2) The boxes around bounded or unbounded text are too large. It would be nice if they didn’t even exist (like AutoCAD). 3) I use hash marks in place of arrows in dimensions. I would like to control the thickness and the length of the hash marks independently from each other and from all other elements in the dimension string. 4) I want my text to always (where there is room) sit quite close to the dimension line. I can “scoot” the text close to the line but when I sample it to set future dimensions to be the same, it won’t repeat - not to mention that the text box covers and hides the dimension line.


No offense, but I am not a woodworker. I am using LO to create commercial architectural construction documents. I need a higher level of flexibility with respect to LO’s handling of text and dimensions. The dimensions below are frankly unacceptable.


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in Layout if I turn off layers, they don’t appear in presentation, that’s OK. But if I export same project to PDF with same layers turned off they appear in final PDF. Can you connect these two please? I don’t want to select what layers need to be exported while I have many of them and it is not a possibility to write page numbers every time I export to PDF.

Thanx, Saša


Layout is the wrong place for controlling the layers (and camera’s). Just make all the right scenes in SketchUp and my guess is your pdf exports will be just as expected.


This is not mormal behavior.If a layer’s visibility is turned off, the contents should not show in the PDF export. I regularly export with layers turned off and don’t have any problem with them appearing. In fact I have several templates with “non-printing” layers. They are displayed while I’m working but I turn them off before PDF export so they don’t show.

Keep in mind that layer visibility in LO is a per page setting. A layer can be turned on for one page and not another. If you don’t want the contents of that layer to show on any page, you need to turn it off for each page.

@maxB, you can’t control LayOut’s layers from SketchUp.


Maybe Sasa is double clicking the viewports so he opens the SketchUp file and changes the layers visibility? I don’t know if that can be done but its the wrong place to do so anyway.


Sasa is referring to content on LayOut’s layers showing in the PDF file when he/she thinks they shouldn’t. this has nothing to do with SketchUp’s layers. You can’t get to SketchUp’s layers by double clicking on the viewport. You can only move and zoom the camera. (It’s generally a bad idea to do that, though.) You can open the SketchUp file from LayOut by right clicking on the viewport and selecting Open with SketchUp.


My mistake. I was speaking about layers, but I meant Pages appear in PDF expord while they are turned off. Layers are just OK. Sorry I confused you.


I agree with Sasa, would be good to have option to turn off some pages so they are not printed or exported to pdf


i just want a program that lets me input dimensions (16"X38"X3/4") and i get the part i want then i can move and rotate each part to create what i want. For some reason no program will do this. another nice feature would be if i could add dadoes and rabbit joints some of us don’t want bells and whistles make it easy for the back yard woodworker please


You could use the Boardmaker in the Wudworx tool set to do that. Frankly I find it a whole lot easier to draw parts in place rather than screwing drawing and then moving and rotating them to get them where I want them. Drawing the parts separately that way is just working too hard.

You can easily do that with just the native tools now. So there’s one wish granted.


GREAT!!! now tell me where they’ve hidden the info for that so I can find it … been trying for over a week (push/pull ain’t getting it done).


Ever since I read your post d_b, I’m constantly thinking of tags :slight_smile: this would be sooo much more useful than just layers. Everytime I put something on a layer I wish it would be a tag option, not just a layer. Really hope sketchup will consider this or some smart genius will come up with plugin for that. Hope to see this in the future!


I came here to suggest this as well.
A lot of applications seem to include dark/black theme nowadays. Perhaps is a trend. i.e. Windows 10, MS Office, Adobe softwares… At least an option to have them would be great!

and the new V-ray is now on black as well.


As long as it’s an option I’m in favor of this. What I don’t like and what really hurts my eyes is to switch between looking at something light and something dark. If I’m working on a model or presentation that is visually light I want a light UI.


a trend of VFX programs for digital content creation…

… there is a reason why books are printed black on white (aka contrast).


Yes, unlike SU-HQ to fall behind on this, so hopefully it will be addressed on SU-2018 update, but I wouldn’t say no on an interim update ASAP, to give my tired old eye-balls a more restful experience while working with SU…:tired_face:

I only discovered by chance, ADOBE-READER had this option, the balance of dark greys & colours they’ve used looks great…:relaxed:

Over & out,


I agree.

I have been enabling black theme everywhere. Although some people say black
text on white is better. I say…“Blackboard”


I think it’s a matter of personal choice and it would be best if they make it a user option. A great number of applications now support the notion of “themes”, even letting you create your own.


Blackboard comment…:sunglasses: