Sketchup 2019 required?!?


I just downloaded a few files from the warehouse and noticed that Sketchup 2019 is listed in the download type. Anyone know when it will be released?


There has been no official announcement of a release date. The past few versions have been released in late Fall, but that’s not a guarantee.


I thought that also. I just didn’t know if I missed an ‘upgrade your stuff’ email.
Or maybe it’s just a glitch on the warehouse.


Bug on our part. Nothing to see here, move along. :-/


“These are not the models you are looking for”


Time-travelling models could be the answer for the other thread that asked whether SketchUp and 3DWH will still exist in future.

2019 :white_check_mark:


Luke’s head spinning in circles at the bottom of the gif is hypnotic…


“Not that long ago, I could trick my children with every automatic door we’d go through, gently gesturing (timing is important)
Now, they tell me I look foolish…
But I can not stop it…”


Did anyone say time traveling?


Uh Huh!