Sketchup 2019 Layout is rendering text boxes very slowly

Windows 10, Intel Xeon processor, 16GB RAM, HP Z240 workstation.
Sketchup 2019 is current.

Until a week ago, Layout was working perfectly.

Since then, when attempting to edit a text box with several lines of text, it takes all of 10 seconds after I double click on the box to give me the cursor back. This is true of any text box - I tested on several. The text boxes in question have auto-text fields contained in them. I tested on text boxes with and without auto-text - same issue. I created a new text box and typed an entire sentence, waiting 20 seconds for it to catch up on screen.

What has changed? All I’ve changed on my PC is regular updates to Win 10. I’m on 1903 Build 18632.239.

What have I done? Updated my video driver manually - Nvidia K620. Reinstalled Sketchup. Confirmed the Video driver settings were correct. Used a layout file I was having problems with on another similarly configured PC (it worked fine there). Suggests to me there is something amiss with my current Win 10 update or my video driver settings. It’s almost as if the rendering engine in Layout is being throttled down by something. I’ve googled the problem - found nothing relating to SU2019.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

I’ll reply to this post since I found the problem and fixed it. After posting, the thought occurred to me that there might be an issue with a font in the layout file. I was using Arial and changed everything in the layout file to Calibri. That immediately resolved my issue.

I reinstalled the Arial font and everything works perfectly, as before.

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i have been fighting this for years

We had a similar case pop up. We asked if they wouldn’t mind trying the same solution to see if it helps them as well. We were unable to recreate the slowness issue here and it makes sense. If the issue was font related, I don’t have the exact same fonts installed on my system that someone else might have.