Sketchup 2019 Feature Requests


Thanks, Mitchell- glad you’re getting some good use out of LayOut. Can you share a screenshot showing this problem? I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking for here.



You really should look at LayOut. It is great for proposal drawings as well as plans.

This gives the impression that you have the wrong idea about what LayOut is for.


Actually John, I miss wrote what I was trying to say. I meant to say the ability to turn fill off and on for components. Here is a screenshot that shows the black square for the refrigerator and in the lower right corner, the washer/dryer. One fix I came up with pretty quickly is to simply draw a rectangle over the viewport once it is taken to LayOut. Still it may be nice to add a toggle in the component entity info box for fill like there already are for casting shadows. I hope that makes it clearer.


Mitchell, is your refrigerator cut by the section plane? If so, it doesn’t have to be. I would group walls, windows, and doors. Then open that group for editing to add the section cut. That will result in the section plane cutting the walls, windows, and doors but not the appliances of other furniture.

This shows the walls being cut by the section plane without affecting the furniture.


Oh my gosh, why didn’t I think of that!! :slight_smile:


Firstly, thanks for SU 2018, there is some nice updates :slight_smile:
Still of course, there is some features I’d like,the most essential ones being:

  1. Line types for edges in SU
  2. Hatches by material for section fills

These features would allow for a more straight forward workflow where linework is a part of the modelling and drawings come almost straight from the model. In my opinion Layout should be mostly a layout tool, SU the design/drawing tool.

  1. Dynamic solid tools, including;
    -boolean operations with nested and hidden solids
    -always substracting components/ solids not receiving substractions
    (tickboxes in entity info)

This would be great addition for the modelling tools, enabling for example movable window and door components that cut their holes in layered walls.

Other suggestions:

  • It would be great if sandbox tools would great terrains based on the edges of contour lines and not just the endpoints. In some cases the terrains come out totally wrong currently.
    -Could Layout be a part of SU and not a separate program? This might make the workflow more fluent also. Though it’s great that you can link separate models to LO.
    -Crossreferencing. I know there is plugins for this, but it would work better if this was part of SU.
    -Grouping of Layers and scenes, would improve navigability
    -Hiding entities per scene
    -Scaling in scenes
    -Different ways of coloring the model, for example by component attributes
    -Custom attributes for components.

In developing SU it’s most important to strive for intuitive design workflow, which I think is the core idea of the program.


Fat faces (faces with thickness). The concept was demoed at the first ever SketchUp Basecamp (before SketchUp was acquired bt Google, even. I wasn’t there but saw a short video of it) but it has never made it into the application.


Paste image data (from the Snipping tool, for instance) directly into the Material editor.


To me having scene folders would be the most important feature. To be able to have 10 scene folders and within each one 10 scene tabs would make scene organization and navigation so much better.


I was thinking about something like Autocad for Mac: you got a compact windows, but, if you want, you can open HUD-style panels.


If you’ve seen Prometheus and know what I mean when I’m reckoning present day drones with cameras and laser measuring could do the same mapping job, with Sketchup handling & presenting it…, then I’ve said enough :slight_smile:


Ahh! LAYOUT vs SKETCHUP Interface design

Why didn’t you make the shortcut creation the same in LO as in SU??? :frowning:

In SU simple intiutive keys for SU commands

eg. , R for Rotate, C for Circle, A for Arc etc

but in LAYOUT … .aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I cannot pair up any of my shortcuts - so I need a completely different regime for LO.

Even worse I have very limited options … who in hell uses CTRL+SHIFT+F4 as a shortcut???

I know this stems from some long ago decision to use different interface design… hence many interface anomolies between SU and LO,

and I notice you have at least optimised the LO trays so they now don’t consume half my screen real estate

Please put coordinating the LAYOUT interface with SKETCHUP [and definitely not the other way around]

high on your priorities



OK while I am still here


It would be great in construction drawings if I could set materials to render with consistent colour.

currently the material tone changes with the angle of the sun, angle of view, Dark / Light settings in Shadows

It would still be good to have shadow ability…

And another little wish :slight_smile: - could we have a satuaration slider [its really hard to tone down the vivid colours in SU / LO

Love the 2018 enhancement generally though


If you use sun for shading, set dark to 80 and light to 0 you can achieve this already. It’s quite obscure though and a separate option for it probably wouldn’t hurt.


Thanks Christina

I though I had tried every combination know to humanity :slight_smile:



What I have always hoped for is a third slider in the shadows dialog to control the darkness of shading separately from the darkness of cast shadows. I would like to follow the old convention with surfaces in shade rendered lighter than the cast shadow to simulate light reflecting to the shaded surfaces from the environment.
(shadows here drawn)


Another Sketchup newbie here, with the same difficulties in “Rotating along desired plane” as other newbies. I’ve read the forum messages which suggest the clicking, or holding, or clicking then holding, or clicking and holding… ? I’ll figure it out. :slight_smile:

In the meantime my suggestion would be that : once you have clicked the origin point, then clicked the “leverage” point and your object is rotating around, why not be able to hit Tab (or other key) to toggle between planes of rotation. That way if you are accidentally Swinging your pancake, you can just hit Tab and Flop it over.


Well, you can now with the standard three axes, at least, with the arrow keys.

I click and drag to draw the axis of rotation all the time. If there’s an existing piece of geometry to snap to, that makes it easy.


Nice idea please please improve stable texture alignment like Game Engine Texture Alignment

Example you make texture bigger or smaller if i make texture fit than 2 m x 2 m looks texture bigger for example

And I would like Sketchup need newest version of Fbx sdk 7.5.0 with embedded textures.


I would like to be able to put on a VR headset and construct a model in a 3D world using my hands to draw lines and surfaces, push/pull, scale etc.