Sketchup 2019 Feature Requests

Wow - so many requests so quick

Firstly though THANK YOU SKETCHUP GUYS FOR 2018 :slight_smile:

A great Start and honest to the essence of SU in keeping it simple!

Only one suggestion - please bring the LO interface and user actions closer to SU’s great interface [ eg rotate , move, distance etc methodologies same as SU]


THIS!!! My single greatest daily frustration is that SU transgresses this simple, forever UI convention — which applies to every other software I use on the Mac.

The other one is the ridiculous and convoluted logic for SAVE file paths, which sprays newly saved files all over my system… instead of in the same folder that the originating file came from. (once again breaking the convention of EVERY other MacOS software)

jbacus — I’m honestly curious whether your team simply hasn’t got around to these (seemingly) simple fixes, or if you think there’s a compelling reason for these things to remain the way they are? Because it seems to me, if you’re going to break standard OS UI conventions, shouldn’t there be a ■■■■ good reason to do so?!

I, for the life of me, can’t figure out why anyone would prefer these to things to work the way they currently do… please, please, please fix!!


already rolling :wink:

These are all for Layout specifically

  1. Ability to properly copy and paste tables into LayOut on PC (this would be a BIG help)
  2. Fix it so that text boxes on PC don’t have the the big flag off the side, this creates big headaches when we move drawings between PC and Mac in my office
  3. A tool that automatically erases overlapping lines and groups items together (for grouping plant icons in landscape design drawings, Dynascape has a tool that does that and I miss it!)

I fully second this. Like so many Mac users I keep getting components with definition names consisting of one or two spaces, one or two mms, s’s, or other single letter SU command shortcuts.

Why on earth have you let this REALLY IRRITATING behaviour persist for years now? Is it that hard to fix?

Please take time to fix long standing bugs before adding new features.

It would be very helpful if the section planes would size to what is actually visible in your screen.
Large hidden objects = large section planes = not really helpful when working on a small detail (and you need to ‘play’ with the section planes).

Edit; it would also be really really nice if there would be more (api / ui) options for creating custom toolbars. At the moment, I have the large toolset docked to the left and I would like to have 2 columns of custom toolicons as well. At the moment, if you try to create 2 columns, it creates 3 = wasted space.


Again for 2019:

The option of a single window UI is great, but PLEASE don’t force it universally. I use two 27" monitors and I wish I had more space - the main monitor is only for the SketchUp drawing.


Ability to name the .csv from Generate Report as the template name, automatically
We can now import/export Generate Reports templates, but when we download the contents it will save as [MM-DD-YYYY].csv
I would like to save as [Template Report Name]_[DD-MM-YY].csv

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On the Mac: ability to create our own custom toolbars the way Windows can, not just customize the top menu on the view.

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Just upgraded from 2015 to 2017 a week ago, and while there are advantages to the tray system, I wish there were an option to switch back to the “traditional” method where users could choose to move the secondary windows onto another screen for projects where maximum modelling room is desired. I don’t know if it’s practical as far as the software code to make this “switchable,” but it would be nice.

drag the tray to the second screen, double click the header and it returns,

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Thanks so much!

I feel so dumb…but like I said, only upgraded from 2015 a week ago.

it took me a year to get comfortable with it, now I won’t go back.

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I’d like centerlines as an option too in skecthup.

In sketchup, I’d like the ability to have a window or box behind dimensions so they are more readable. A bit like a text box in adobe that masks what is behind it.

If you add your dimensions in LayOut, you can do that.

I haven’t found much use for Layout yet. I have autocad lt and if something is in 2d then I use that. Sketchup is great for proposal drawings and frequently they need dimensions and as it they can be hard to read.

If you’re just pulling together a quick proposal drawing, LayOut is a great solution for you. With it, you can set a titleblock, pick an appropriate model view and toss a couple quick notes and dimensions on the page. Then export to PDF or print for sharing. Much quicker and more capable than trying to do the same thing in SketchUp, once you get the hang of it.

And for a quick sheet addition to your Autocad-based drafting workflow, why not give LayOut’s DWG export a try? I would expect it to work better than (or at least as well as) SketchUp’s DWG export for your uses.

LayOut was designed to help you make drawings. SketchUp was designed to help you make models.



After a few days on 2018, here’s my list (for now) :slightly_smiling_face:

  • The ability to turn fill off and on for components (appliances are showing as big black blobs unless you break the shape)
  • Line types within the basic program (dashed, dots, etc)


  • Tape measure tool and guidelines (unless I am just missing them)

BTW SU folks, I never plan to go back to a reg CAD program like AutoCad or MicroStation. I can create awesome construction drawings right within LayOut. And with the new changes, you guys just keep improving it. Thanks for all the hard work!