Sketchup 2019 Feature Requests


this could be achieved if arrow key ‘Flip Along’ functionality was added to the ‘Select Tool’ active selection…

i.e. Select ‘object’ >> Up Arrow for Flip Along Blue, etc…



I don’t think flipping is within the responsibilities of the Select Tool. These are commands you can use regardless of active tool.


@eneroth3 That vaguely makes sense. I don’t know much of the inner workings of SU … I just picture it being all Rubyish. Do you think this could be achieved with a Ruby script?

As I posted previously: Which shortcuts show in Preferences/Shortcuts seem to depend on what is selected. I wonder if this points to a mechanic that could be used to have separate arrays of shortcuts.

edit: I made a keyboard macro for Flip Axes: e.g. Fn + W / A / S each execute three separate SU commands: Flip item / group / component along blue / red / green. I made the macro with my keyboard software but it could also be done with AutoHotkey (win) or maybe Karabiner on macos.


I use F2, F3, and F4 for flipping components along their axes and add Shift for flipping loose geometry or multiple components along the model axes. Since I have no use for groups in my workflow, I didn’t bother creating shortcuts for flipping groups but they can certainly be added. I don’t see any problem with the way it works, at least in my modeling.

Cursor keys are left as mapped by default


My most wanted SU 2019 feature is SU 2019 itself.

Come on Trimble Team - maybe we should start “Sketchup 2020 Feature Requests” topic? This one started November '17 :slight_smile: