Sketchup 2019 Feature Requests


AGREE AGREE AGREE… If I do a task in SU… the process should be identical in LO…

hell, at least let us use the same shortcuts


Bloody Hell, I hope the LO changes are more profound than that ! :slight_smile:


360 PANORAMA output native to Sketchup

probably to late for this but

I think most of us want a simple 360 export of our current camera position to Facebook or google photos without any further post processing or going thru another rendering package or some propriety viewing software or viewing site…Our smartphones seem to be able to do this painlessly…It is really helpful to give your clients an overview… not all clients want a vray render… often quick and dirty is better… with SU styles it can even be uniquely sketchy


What keyboard shortcuts do you want to be the same between the two?


Any or all of them Dave… everyone has different shortcuts… but in SU and LO the way of implementing them is significantly different and LO is heavily restricted … it is another example of the very different interface /operational structure of SU / LO with SU in my opinion much preferred.


oh Boy, some humble pie here Dave… I must be going thru male menopause :slight_smile: . I am sure LO shortcuts were hobbled but I just opened both side by side for 2018 versions and was able to carry my shortcuts over…

dear all, , LO is wonderful now :slight_smile:

Good Job SketchUp Team, I need to shout you a beer!


I’m glad you did that because I was about to make a comparison chart for you.


OK… you can give me back some of my humble pie


M = move
R = rotate

not possible in my Layout shortcuts


There’s no need for them in LayOut either. The cursor automatically switches to Move when it is placed on an entity that can be moved and switches to Rotate when placed on the Rotation handle… You want to add extra steps.


It would be nice though with a move tool that let you pick a point outside of the selection and use it for reference when moving. Same with rotatating around a custom point. I know the gizmo thing kind of supports this, but it’s not at all intuitive to new users, and takes more time to do. Also it doesn’t getting the rotation angle from two custom points, as it always line up with either the object or the X axis.


Not really… I want it to be consistent

and spot the rotation handle


Just like in SketchUp :slight_smile:


Please fix the dimensioning tool in Layout to adjust the leader lines. This worked in one of your versions but has been broken for years! UHG!

Also, PLEASE add import .GIF or .MOV format to the Material editor in SU.
I would like to add a moving picture to a TV screen on animation export.


Please add a removal button for templates in Layout


I bet it will be released next week :smiley:
Really hoping for an update UI on the Mac


I’m really hoping the zoom in Layout is sorted on the iMac.


Please put standard views back in.


What do you mean? Standard views were never removed.


Here are some random ideas I thought of.

  • Art tools like paintbrushes, pencils, and erasers to draw art onto surfaces with super realistic sound effects of erasing, drawing with a pencil, etc.
  • Combine the place camera, look around, & walk around tools into one. Click to place camera, use arrow keys or awsd to walk forwards, backwards, left, or right. And use the mouse to look around. Esc to exit command. Add walking sound effects and give components a ruby script section to program for video games and add an export game option in the export menu.
  • Add a reflectivity slider to the materials, but use a reflection map to generate the reflection so all the reflections are the same and the computer doesn’t have to work as hard as a full-on photon mapping render.
  • Shadow softness slider in shadow settings to create shadow blur.
  • Increase the polygon limit and reduce lag
  • Making object collisions in MS Physics or SketchUp’s new physics simulator create a noise based on the object’s material, so you could make wind chimes or musical instruments and test the sounds your 3D model would make in real life.

The way I see it, the more functionality you can pack into SketchUp, the better. And the simpler SketchUp is to learn, the better. So if you keep SketchUp’s core extremely simple, but make extensions to deliver exciting new features for different niches, then that’d be amazing! Basically, instead of modifying SketchUp’s core, I’d love to see SketchUp and the community’s developers make a huge library of extensions that covers the entire 3D pipeline. It’s already almost there, but there are definitely some extensions left to be made.

The main critiques I’ve heard people say about SketchUp are:

  1. The extensions aren’t reliable enough because the author could drop support
  2. SketchUp doesn’t use real curves

I’d suggest prioritizing fixing the problems people have with SketchUp because that’s the most important thing to do. Analyze SketchUp for all of it’s problems or bad user experiences (like crashing), then fix them. I’d rather have a SketchUp that never crashes than a SketchUp with reflective materials that crashes frequently. But if I could have both, then that’d be absolutely perfect.

I want to see SketchUp become the industry standard in work and school. And I think they can do it if they make some improvements to the system to meet the precision needs of many different industries.


Since when? Reference?