Sketchup 2019 Feature Requests


I would love a way to extract sketchup vectors into layout vectors, possible with a rebuild function similar to the rebuild function in Rhino. That would help with my drafting workflow. =)


Thanks! I contacted them and they said they would look into it. Maybe it will happen =)


Do you know that you can explode a SketchUp viewport in LayOut to turn its faces and edges into LayOut lines and fills?


As Anssi mentions, you can do this already. Make sure you render the SketchUp viewport as Vector before exploding it. I use this feature frequently to create dashed lines for exploded views and other details. For example:


Well, I assume it’s a flukey thing, but mine does zoom in LayOut, but no pan unfortunately. I roll mine backwards and forwards to zoom. What’s also neat is that it zooms into the point where the cursor is on the page too and “follows” the cursor if I move it while zooming.
It’s something to do with Windows Explorer I think. I assume this because if it doesn’t work all I have to do is bring up explorer over the top of LO and then make LO the top window again and it then works.
But a proper full working version in LO would be really nice too.


Any rumblings as to when SU 2019 will be released? It seems like it is always around this time of the year.


Disregard Sketchup Features and delegate 100% of your efforts on updating LayOut :stuck_out_tongue:


I second this one. Let’s make Layout stronger. The core SU features are pretty good in my opinion, however Layout could still use some augmentation.


Those who know are probably bound to stock company policy not to go public…


Native Bézier curve drawing tool that functions similarly to the ones in Adobe CC.


the possibility of arranging the scenes tabs by clicking and dragging.


Thirded! Make Layout Great.


The return of SketchUp Make for the 2019 version and the only thing I ask! :wink:


Is someone going to Trimble Dimensions? I’ve seen SketchUp is going…


Maybe you want to come up with a different feature request. It’s pretty clear that Make isn’t going to make a return.


No, I do not have other requests for features.
Only the return of SketchUp Make can save the future of SketchUp Pro!
More are late return more it will be difficult to catch up this terrible political error.


Usually this happens around November-December, so - any day now.


I understand, that SU2019 is possibly already in the last beta-test stage or even finalised, but just £0.04:

  • Spell-checking in SU and LO. Especially in LO. Definitely in LO.
  • Fix import of formatting from Excel. (quite unpredictable at the moment)
  • Add DOCX import.
  • Ability to save/restore interface/shortcut/styles configuration. (for mass deployments)


I’ve also heard through the grape vine that 2019 is in BETA. I would be great if I could become a BETA tester so I can check for issues with my plugins before SU hits the shelves.


Gotta agree Mike… I did scan thru 90% of the suggestions and while commendable in detail very few would improve my work process in any meaningful way…I am all for the KISS principle, I think that is what we all love about Sketchup… I don’t mind the occasional 2-3 extra steps in a less frequent process if it keeps the interface simple… plugins fill the gaps for most occasional tasks… Improvements should focus on

  1. Interface / operational consistency [SKETCHUP to LAYOUT] , same things done the same way in both [hell, the same software]…packages
    2] INTEROPERABILITY - we all need to talk with other software… people… better import/export options in particularly LO. svg, emf, etc… linking to other people… collaborative design… linking to online data… google docs, sheets, forms, etc… hell I have to resort to PowerPoint to do this at the moment… …and google sheets

I maybe one man band working from a tropical paradise… but I still need to collaborate with my clients, consultants, contractors, suppliers and to do that via shared online documents is massively productive rather that everyone having their own standalone… linking an object to an online doc, particularly a collaborative one [eg door schedule] is so efficient and means it removes the burden of LO needing to be all things to all people.