SketchUp 2019 DWG import improvements

Have you guys tested out any of the new DWG import improvements? SketchUp converts CAD layer linestyles to the corresponding SketchUp dashes style upon import, pretty neat. (I set the background color to black in SketchUp and turned on Color by Layer so you can better see the similarity.) Materials get imported too, and frozen layers get imported as hidden.


Here’s a close-up of the import. These are all either straight edges, or line segments that have dashes applied to them, automatically from the DWG import.


This is good to know, thanks. It was such a pain to change all of those manually previously.

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Yes, I’ve been glad to have dashed lines if only for the DWG import results.

That said, I have found that the success of the import depends on the discipline of the draftsperson who made the AutoCAD file. If they stuck to styles by layer, then no problems. When they apply dashes to individual lines, not so good a result, as SketchUp only applies dashes by layer, not entity.