Sketchup 2018 Problem

Good afternoon, I would like to solve my problem when I try to install SketchUp 2018. I open the installer and when it starts to install a message appears saying:

‘’ Error reading from file c: /users/Home/Appdata/Local/Temp/sketchup_install/SketchUp2018-x64.msi.
Make sure the file exists and that you can access it. ‘’

How do I solve this problem ??, since I checked and the file exists.

Waiting for an answer.

It may be that the file was somehow damaged during download, it doesn’t happen often but I’ve had it happen to me more than once (not with SketchUp though).

I would download it again. Also be sure to right-click the installer file and select “run as administrator” when installing.

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Thank you very much, if you happen to give me the problem again, I’ll get in touch.