Sketchup 2018 Dutch windmill



Hi, I am trying to build a model of a Dutch windmill which requires a vertical section of it to taper from bottom to top of it. I am not able to draw it. Could someone help with this? Thank you! The shape is an octagon.


Draw an octagon, extrude it up with Push/Pull, and the select the top face and scale it with the Scale tool.

Or draw the cross section profile and an octagon for a Follow Me path.


Thanks, I was trying the move tool!


You could use the Move tool on the top octagon if you find a cardinal point. Don’t select anything before getting the Move tool. Then hover over the edge of the top octagon and find a place where the edge is not selected. Click and move toward the center.


just walked by these:


Thanks Dave, you are a lifesaver!!!


You’re welcome.


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Thanks, Jack