Sketchup 2018 crashes on generate report. Was fine a couple days ago, now it just locks up


generate report screen pops up and stays blank. program is frozen. force quit shows “error uncaught ruby…”. the force quit closes the window too quick to see the rest… can anyone help?


Any new extensions you have installed in the time between when it was working and when it wasn’t?


Vray 3.6.


Disable Vray?


I would say disable/delete Vray as @MikeWayzovski said and then if you have no problems you can probably say that is the issue and go from there.


Thanks Guys!
I disabled vray, was not the issue. Copied the house only over to a new file and was fine. The issue was the landscape, too many components for my macbook pro 2017 to handle…
Lesson learned.


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