SketchUp 2017 - where are my shortcuts?

I regret downloading 2017. (as well as loosing google SU & having trimble or whatever)
I can’t find shortcuts nor any help that could install them. No one has answered my questions.

The entity info button is missing as well.

You could export the keyboard shortcuts from your older version of SketchUp.

Really? Not even in the Help files?

I don’t see any questions to answer.

Entity Info is in the default tray. You don’t need a button for it.

Since Vista, it is necessary to right-click the installer and chose “Run as administrator” when installing most applications. (This is part of the installation instructions in the SketchUp Help Center.)

If you did not do this (and you are on Windows,) do it again, and this time chose “Repair”.

… and there never has been a native Entity Info toolbar button.

(Some users and plugin authors may have created their own, in the past.)

thx but I didn’t understand how to do this.instead I went to preferences &
it seems to work-I just hope it lasts.I switched to 2017 because my 2016
doesn’t open warehouse properly-it comes up blank-any ideas? thx again
BTW I group everything but I haven’t really caught on to layers or outliner
is it really necessary?
I don’t want to overburden u with questions so feel free to ignore me :slight_smile:

Groups and Components are essential, as they are the only way to keep everything from sticking together. You can get by without using layers or the outliner, but they will help greatly when working with complex models. Layers are the best facility for controlling what is visible in a view of the model. The outliner is the window for understanding and manipulating the structure of a model that nests groups or components within other groups or components.

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Thx is there an easy way to make layers on 2017? I kno i have to do everything on the first layer but is very confusing .where do the entities come in & the outliner

Click on the + in the circle in the upper left corner.

Always leave Layer 0 active and only assign components/groups to other layers.

Entity Info gives you information about the selected entity. When you have a group or component selected, you can move it to a new layer.

Outliner shows you a textual representation of the components/groups in your model.

Thx if the first layer is always active when do i click on the other i make a square .group it& then i add a roof i click another circle?can u give it yo me step by kinda dense about this thx

The best advice is never click on another layer in the Layers window. After making a group or component of the geometry, select it and change its layer in Entity Info. There’s no need to change the active layer. If you need to modify a component or group, open it for editing and do what you need to do.

Keep in mind that Layers do not provide any sort of separation like they do in other programs. They are only used to control the visibility of entities. If you turn off the visibility of a layer, the components/groups on that layer will not be displayed even though the edges and faces inside are on Layer 0.

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Thx hope itll work

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