Sketchup 2017 long time to launch on Windows 7

Hi there,
I have different machines with windows7 and the program will sit in task manager for a long time, 20 minutes usually, then it launches and works fine. I have this issue only with sketchup.
No temp issues, .net e c++ updated. GPU updated. Windows updated.

What can I do?

hold and press the Shift key during launching.

is the Outliner open?

Same. The process hangs at 34k ram usage and does not open if not after a long time. Still there right now.

Look at the active processes your anti-virus program is monitoring (do that when SU is launched.) It maybe trying to block it and waiting for input from you. I can r-click on the antivirus icon in the notification tray area in the taskbar and go right to its active process dialog.

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