SketchUp 2017 install Skalp 2.0?

Windows 10 64-bit system, NVIDA Quadro k620 graphics card。Ask for help!

Firstly, Save and close any open model, so there is only a new blank model loaded.

from: Extension Warehouse User Guide

(1) Open the Extension Warehouse:

:information_source: Tip: Installing and managing extensions is easiest if you access the Extension Warehouse from SketchUp by selecting menu Window > Extension Warehouse.

(2) Find the Skalp extension product page:

(3) Click the red "Install" button, and answer Yes to the confirmation dialog.

(4) Let the install close SketchUp.

(5) Restart SketchUp manually.

(6) If you purchased a license from:
Go to menu Extensions > Skalp, and click Info Dialog, then the “activate” link.

For manual install, download a RBZ archive from outside SketchUp in your favorite browser:
and see:

Already tried, still can’t start

You are not helping those of us who are trying to help you.

Your cryptic posts give us few clues !

What have you tried ?
Where did it ‘fail’ ?


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