Sketchup 2017 17.2.2555 launch issue in windows 10 Creator update

Hi all,

From Last windows update, sketchup launch as i see in task manager but be in background.

No way to have the sketchup windows …

Windows 10 Family 1703 15063.296
Radeon mobile 7400M graphics cards on HP Probook 4530S
Intel core I7-2630qm / 6 Go RAM


Search the forum for ‘windows creator’. You should find plenty of information.

I have do that first :wink:

There are topics bout creator update and how to try to resolve.

Some of them concerning Nvidia video drivers issues … not AMD at all.

I have update to the last AMD radeon drivers, and uninstall reinstall sketchup …

but nothing has change … start but sketchup process is in background

Did you install SketchUp correctly using Run as administrator from the right click menu? Did you update your AMD graphics drivers?

sure, i’m sys engineer …

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