SketchUp 2016 Wish list

The “~.skp” named backup files are only made if you have that option checked in your Preferences***.
Note that on a PC they are named as the model, but suffixed “.skb” rather than “.skp”.
The AutoSave file is made under a different Preferences option.
It is made as you model at specific time intervals, but as SketchUp exits, the chances are that the AutoSaves are removed, as it tidies up.
However, the backup copy [~ or skb] is always kept - it is “one save” behind the “last saved” model’s skp, so if you discover the current skp is wrong or somehow corrupted, then later on you can revert to that earlier backup - whereas an AutoSave version might not be kept as you might hope…

***If you do not want these backup files to be made, then just turn off the feature in Preferences > General > Saving…

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Auto-save has saved my butt on many an occasion - I think you would have to have a very, very, very … very … good reason to turn it off.

After I’ve finished with a model I will normally delete the .skb file, but only after I have opened the .skp one last time (to ensure that it does actually open). My archive only contains the .skp files.

Fix the viewing window in preferences to expand. Can not read shortcuts labels in the keyboard shortcuts.
Rotate any object by select it only and typing in your rotation and hit enter. no need for move tool or rotate compass. simple
Type 90ZL to rotate 90deg left around the Z axis. This is so simple I am sure someone can do a plugin. Also why select the move tool for advanced users. Why not just select your object and type your distance plus axis indicator. like this 100R or -100R or 50G to move 50mm on the Y axis. R=Red=X… G=Green=Y… B=Blue=Z Axis so you can keep the x or X for times or copies of something.
Loads of other things I would like improved. Selecting the tools gets missed a lot and you have to select the tool again. so maybe bigger Icons of more sensitive selection or clicking area. I find it strange no one else has not mentioned this. So I ask the question does anyone else find themselves having to select a tool more than once before it activates? Great work guys. I thing a lot of people are going to be disappointed if not a lot of improvements are made on the next release. The rectangle was nice on the last release but was nothing to get excited about. I want I want I want LOL.

please . please. please can we have auto measurements in Sketch-up. never mind Layout. I have seen it done. where a guy had a row of cabinets and he dragged a line thought them and all the measurement appeared. if it only worked in parallel projection mode and when facing the front back side and top. It would speed things up for us kitchen designers. Layout is no good for kitchen design. To slow. An architect can take weeks on his work but I got 4 hour to turn around a design with measurement. I find this is the number one reason kitchen designers tend to stick with 20, 20 or planet. But I am sure they will think twice about Sketch-up if measurement were faster and easier. Computers are designed to do these things why are we doing it manually? I could spend more time putting measures on that designing which makes no sense. So come on Trimble put a bit of investment into it and get some programmers making these plugin at the very least. You are holding back sketch-up from the masses LOL Ok we are thankful of what we got but someone is going to beat you to the finish, I see a lot of other program coming out with these features in them. Fusion 360 or Spaceclaim . So keep ahead of the game. I am surprised that you have not bought up its by far the best rendering plugin for sketchup. so simple and quick to use.

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Better memory handling. Have to reboot 2x a day on big projects cause it seems SU likes to eat up everything!


Are you using plugins? A render plugin? 32 or 64-bit version?

Hi Artpen,

I agree, have been using SU a lot more for my Architectural CAD projects, I therefore fully support your:-

2. Basic building elements - (Walls, Slabs, Curtain Walls, Roofs, Windows/Doors) with use of Dynamic Components, so user can edit individual elements and create custom elements.:thumbsup:

However, SU HQ seem to want to let people develop “EXTENSIONS” to facilitate certain disciplines to cater for these such items. Of late I’ve noticed some extensions in this regard cost more than SU-Pro, that seems odd to me.

I do wonder though if this thinking limits the future of SU & subsequent yearly updates & relies too much on third party extensions. Personally I would like to see SU-HQ develop some in-house specific industry discipline “ADD-ON’s” to cater for people in these industries they list on the SU Home page under:-

3D for…

In essence, this covers, Architecture, Construction, Engineering & so on.

My thinking on this would be add on separate packs one could buy. This would include various items, such as you mention:-

CONSTRUCTION PACK = Walls, Slabs, Curtain Walls, Roofs, Windows/Doors etc.

I can see a deeper future in this direction may be, just a thought.

Over & out,

Hi Chris,


Where do I start,…H’mmm a lot of work on this one, I wish it would do half the things my CAD software Layer Manager does.

In the meantime I use an EXTENSION called:-
Layers Panel by jiminy-billy-bob

Apart from Locking layers as you say, other considered items:-

Layer Folders for specific layer names.
Move to layer by selection.
Layer on/off by selection.
Layer as active by selection.
Layer active only by selection.
Layers all on.
User to dictate layers order, not alphabetically, i.e. an move up/down arrow button with lock order.

Over & out,

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And a polyline tool like autoCAD where you can switch from a line to a curve by right clicking and selecting back and forth with out breaking the line. Plus a double line tool that really worked.



I’ve not figured this out, but when I need to import flat CAD items for modelling in SU (usually building elevations), I need to rotate them 90 degrees around a similar flat plan. The Rotate tool would be good for this, but I can’t get it to stick to 2D flat lines… :confounded:

This would be a great fix… :smile:

Don’t you mean (with the ‘Rotate’ tool selected) the ‘click on edge > hold down Lmouse button while dragging the cursor along the edge > release Lmouse button somewhere else on same edge’ to set the rotation axis along that edge? If not, please elaborate.

This is dead easy, but you need a reference first: I normally draw a box so that I can see a red, green and blue face;

  • select the area you want to rotate (eg an elevation)
  • click the rotation tool
  • hover over the plane you want to rotate in so that the protractor tool changes colour
  • hold [shift]
  • move the cursor to the line you want the axis to be on
  • click
  • move in one direction
  • type “90” [return]

You will have to rotate end elevations upright first, then rotate it 90º in the blue axis.

Hi Gaget2020,

Been drawing these daft reference cubes for an age… :grin:

Just want the ROTATE tool to stick to a group of flat 2D stuff to rotate vertically…!!!

Can it be done without drawing additional items (cubes)…??
If yes, how.
If no, wish list still stands.

Over & out,

[quote=“Clayton, post:73, topic:3642”]
ust want the ROTATE tool to stick to a group of flat 2D stuff to rotate vertically…!!!

Can it be done without drawing additional items (cubes)…??
[/quote]As said before, drag the ‘Rotate’ tool along an existing edge or somehow horizontal on ground plane or whatever is available. What more do you need?

Look at the 2D flat on the ground parts from the side. Select Rotate, and place your cursor somewhere above the ground, it should show a vertical protractor. Hold down the shift key to lock that vertical protractor. Now click on the end of the 2D parts that needs to remain on the ground, click on the other end, that is to be rotated vertically, and move your cursor upwards to rotate everything into a vertical position.

No…this does not work.

Hi Collin,

Yes, this works, o.k. I guess, but the best one so far is the move tool would you believe. I forgot it rotates stuff as well when grouped items or as a component. Odd the move tool has more functions on rotation than the rotation tool… :exclamation:

I would normally use the Move tool, but hadn’t suggested it because I thought an infinity thin object wouldn’t have any thickness for the move rotate crosses to show up! But I see that it does work.

The main advantage of the rotate tool method is that you can tilt something up from the ground. As far as I can see the move rotate only rotates around the midpoint of the object.

The Rotate tool has many options.

To rotate an object ‘axially’ [RGB]…
Activate the tool.
Place the cursor in open space looking in the direction of the axis - e.g. downwards fro ‘flat 2d / Red’…
The gizmo’s color changes - in this case to ‘Red’.
Hold the Shift-key to lock that inference.
Now pick the rotation-point.
Continue with the rotation picking processes…

To rotate about the ‘normal’ of a non-axially oriented face…
Activate the Rotate tool.
Initially hover the cursor over the face.
The gizmo is now Black.
Use the Shift-key to lock the inference to that face’s ‘normal’ axis.
Continue with the rotation picking processes…

To rotate using an arbitrary Edge to define the axis of rotation…
Activate the Rotate tool.
Click any point on that edge.
Hold down the mouse button and immediately drag along that edge.
Release the button-press.
The gizmo should now be oriented using that edge as its axis of rotation.
Continue with the rotation picking processes…

Hi Colin,

Yes, this appears to be the case. I can see another wish list coming…GRIPS.

In actual fact, the red crosses aren’t grips as I understand as in some CAD software. So, the wish would be, when an item is selected, 2D (flat) or 3D, we do have true grips on at least the corners, so we can choose a “GRIP” point to move or rotate from together with all other relevant tools.