Sketchup 2016 stalls with rotating beach ball. Has to be Force Quit

Today my Sketchup 2016 began stalling with the continuous beach ball. This occurred right after I imported a car model. from 3D Warehouse.

Any ideas on what went wrong and how to fix it?

Many thanks.

Ed in Brooklyn
Mac OS 10.9.5

add a link for the ‘straw that breaks the camels back’ i.e. the car…

it may simply be ‘bad’ or your model may already be on the edge and it tips the scales…

screenshot of your model info statistics may help providing an answer…


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+1 to what John said, and try purging unused and see if model stats change.

Thanks to John and Barry.

I trashed the existing Sketchup app and downloaded a new one. Still the problem. Then I tried opening the offending file on my laptop and behold!, it worked. I trashed the imported car and then put the file back on my desktop and everything seems OK.

Didn’t have many things to be purged, but I really appreciate your calling attention to that issue for this newcomer.

Best for 2017!