Sketchup 2016 - locking up

Trying with some borrowed, cheap-o generic mouse would do for testing. That would use the MS mouse driver. And you can quickly compare that mouse with the nicer mouse using the logitech driver.

BTW, I will not live without SetPoint and its plugin uberOptions.

Bought a generic mouse. Initial use shows no locking up. I switch to the other mouse and it begins to lockup. The mouse thay is affected is still in good working order, ie all mechanical parts of working… At this point, im going to assume that it is the wireless mouse. The only other cause I can see is a bad wireless connection and/or something wrong with my Windows install (other then the fact that it installed… Lol) Now I must hunt down a new trackball as its my prefered type, and they are hard to find where I live.

Thank you all for the assistance :smiley:

Try uninstall Logitech driver > reboot to clear the cobwebs > install Logitech driver?

Sitting here thinking… I wonder if there is a buffer overflow with the mouse? How can I determine such??

Im still using the affected mouse… All seems to be ok… It hangs every so often… I had SU open and it bugged, I then alt tab to another app and it stopped. I also nad played a game today for several hours with all but one hangup… Id like to figure this out as its driving me nuts, and Id like to know just for future referances. :smiley:

Ok… Ive been playing a game all day… Its worked fine. I open SU and then the mouse bugs. While my mouse ‘may’ be at fault, Im going to go ahead and also blame SU for this issue. Something is wrong with the 2016 version. How do we go about getting bug reports seen or heard? I really love the program and have used it since day one… and would hate to switch to another app.

Game uses DirectX? SU uses OpenGL. Different beast. SU creates new stuff. Games manipulate existing stuff. That cursor you’re pushing and pulling around in SU is orchestrating a cascading series computations in real time developing 3D objects on a 2D monitor.

What happened to you here, happened to me ~SU8. In my case, it was just the driver. It happened to another person answering this thread. I’ve also gone through several mice when the programmable buttons become less reliable. For many, many years people have recommended the use of the plain-jane MS mouse driver when mouse-directed actions begin to go haywire.

ROFL… Ok… So, was just using my generic mouse… Went to have a smoke… Came back and now I cany scroll in or out. Im using cheap mouse with standard MS drivers… Really think its SU bugging out.

And what really sucks is the fact that I cant open my saves in 2015 version… and stand to lost a few hundred hours of work.

And… It was mentioned to me that I can ‘save as’ a 2015 version. Thing is… I removed my 2015 version and no longer have to install and the 2015 Make version is no longer offered… This has really become a joke. It appears I might have to resort ro P2P means to get what I need :confused:

And… Since Im afraid to continue with the 2016 version, and no longer able to obtain the 2015 version… It appears that I have been ‘handed my hat’. Thanks Google and Trimble… Customer service at its finest.

How much help have you been offered in this thread alone?
How much have you paid for all the years of Sketchup use you have had?
Are you using Sketchup for work?
If the fault is with the software, why aren’t thousands of people reporting it?

It would appear there is something specific to your system that is causing the issues you are experiencing, that may well be something in the software that is reacting with something in your system. Quite often a system runs flawlessly until something slightly different finds a fault somewhere that otherwise would have never come to light.

If you have bought the pro version (therefore making yourself an actual customer) then you are entitled to full support from their excellent customer service.


The fact that it bugs out with SU 99/100 times leads me to believe it SU. My system appears to be fine amd Ive had no issues otherwise. Good thing I havent purchased this as Id be extremely pissed. I use SU for personal use. I have offered thanks for all the assistance. So, because its ‘free’ then people are not entitled to CS?? Seriously?

And, if I was a ‘paying customer’, what would they do? Would they do a system diagnostic check for me? All they would do is ask for a DXdiag log and the thread would perish… I say this as its all I see from any or all software companies. As you mentioned, it might be my system and they are not responsible to fix that. Im going to reinstall Win amd go from there. If it still bugs out… then ya, I will blame those who make the software…

I apologize for have a short temper. I just lost 100+ hours of work. Is anyone going to compensate me for lost time?

I even spent money trying to resolve this. I stand to spend even more trying to resolve the issue. So ya, I am a ‘paying customer’.

It is free for non commercial use.
If you install 2016 and save as your files back to 2015 or 2014 or even back to SU3 then you haven’t lost any work.

As mentioned… I cant do that as my trial is over and it wont switch to Make. I downloaded the version you supplied in the thread (the 2015 make) I will install tomorrow and go from there. Thank you for the link.

Uninstall the pro version of 2016 and install the make version of 2016.

Hi Lopaka, you are not alone - SU has been locking up on me for the past two months and it’s driving me crazy while having a negative impact on my work.

I have a Logitech M325 wireless mouse but never considered it could be problem. I will explore the driver updates, nVidia and OpenGL settings etc. suggested on this forum and keep you posted.

“Lock up” is a pretty broad term, and maybe I missed it, but what are doing in SU exactly when you experience the lock up? Push/pull and moving groups and components are my major problem areas. Specifically when I’m holding Shift to lock inference, an operation so key to SU’s success and so routine, but now I feel like I’m rolling the dice every time I do it. The bug I experience as follows:

  • Push/pull and/or moving groups and components locks hangs up (spinning blue wheel)
  • SU blacks out. Sometimes ending in Bug Splat and sometimes forcing Task Manager end process.
  • When I look at the auto save generated from the bug, the geometry I was working on typically is stretched and distorted for hundreds of feet. Sometimes the geometry can be easily cleaned, but more often I revert back to my last saved file. I now save like crazy for fear of a shut down.

It has to be the mouse, as I’ve noticed the order in which I click, hold, let off LMB or shift plays some part.

Buying a cheap mouse doesn’t make you a ‘paying customer’ of SketchUp.

You’ve ignored some important steps to try that were provided in this thread. Maybe before you start your blaming SketchUp, you should go back and try them.

I repeat myself:

This information can help others diagnose the same issues. Also can help the SketchUp team.