SketchUp 2016 is here!

Thanks for the answers to these questions, @Anssi.

@TheMonk – This is a great point: the documentation for downloading and installing does assume a “new user” audience. I’ll tweak these articles and tips that answer your questions.

I updated my SU2015 to 2016 it looks great but I can’t find the Layer Manager can anyone educate me how to manage layers? thanks.

Ok I found it myself I checked the layer in default tray.

Tommy, Your suggestion to install the latest drivers for 3D Spacenavigator fixed the problem with slow SU response. Thank you. Roger

Haha. The apostrophe is gone :grinning:

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My new friend, Tommy, led me to a copy of Make 2016. Thanks, big guy! Unfortunately my install failed with the message, “Could not write to key
Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personnel.”

I tried running the setup as Administrator and it still failed. I ran multiple malware and virus cleaners with no change. Perhaps Win7 Home Premium is no longer adequate? I’m definitely getting discouraged. Any insights, hunches, or casting of spells would be appreciated…

To all,

SketchUP/Layout improvements for the recent 2016 release as listed below may not please everyone I’m sure. However any improvement to software we use has to be welcomed, especially when it seems SU HQ release updates each year.

Trimble Connect
Reload Components with 3D Warehouse models
Generate Report 2.0
Enhanced inferencing and tool improvements
Customizable Utility Trays on Windows
Refreshed Textures
Support for High DPI Graphics
Extensions Loading Policy
Welcome Dialog Refresh
Knowledge Center Update
Support for El Capitan and Windows 10

LayOut cloud references
Small dimensions
LayOut layers
Optimized PDF Export from LayOut
Documentation Improvements

For me, the main ones are: Enhanced inferencing, Small dimensions, LayOut layers & Optimized PDF Export from LayOut.

One item I thought was way overdue for improvement is the SU layer dialogue. So I’ll just have to WHISH-LIST this one for SU 2017. In the meantime I’ll keep on using the superior layers dialogue EXTENSION called Layers Panel by Jiminy-Billy-Bob. It does some of the stuff I note below a good Layers dialogue should do in my opinion.

Layer Folders for specific layer names.
Move to layer by selection.
Layer on/off by selection.
Layer as active by selection.
Layer active only by selection.
Layers all on.
User to dictate layers order, not alphabetically, i.e. an move up/down arrow button with lock order.

I also wondered what direction SU HQ were taking in terms of future development, I even muted it may even start looking at some form of basic parametric building elements for certain disciplines in the construction industry. Obviously I was getting way ahead of myself as I see their website now firmly stamps third party developers for this with add-on EXTENSIONS. Being an Architectural Consultant in the UK, any parametric software tools for Designing Buildings for Planning & Building Regulation Approvals for Construction would be key for me. EXTENSIONS may provide this, but I would favour these to be in-house as EXTENSIONS sometimes aren’t initially compatible with new SU releases or may even fall by the wayside.

From what I understand, FORM-Z & RHINO+VISUALARQ have taken this “in-house” direction & thus may be a consideration for people in the construction industry looking for a similar product as SU.

Over & out,

Ps. Another 2016 wishlist was *** DASHED LINES *** This one should have been easy, they’re in Layout, but not in SU.? Oh well, add this to SU 2017 wishlist.

If you go to the trimble site and log in, you can get details on your license. OR, you can install 2014 and when you go to register it you’ll get a message that you actually own a newer version.

Are there any future plans to improve texturing like better UV mapping tools?

Hello Tommy,

sketchup 2016 looks fine -th ans for your work
i’m excited to test to new inference system
i’m using sketchup since version 2015 since some months - for personal use
(house renovation …)

now - if possible - can you help me ?
in the blog :
there is an gif animation :
how this is done in detail :smile:can you give me please an “how to” step tutorial - i have tried many possibilities but i can not find (arrow key down ?, blocling inferene, how to find the intersection before rotating …)
thanks for help
and excuse fro my bad english
have a nice day
kind regards

Anssi - Thanks for the answers, much appreciated.

Tommy – Thanks for the feedback - awesome support.

Anssi – Again, thanks for the answers.

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Thanks for acknowledging my feedback. I suppose at this point, full resolution independence won’t be something to expect until at least next year.

Right now, I care more about SketchUp being usable on a high dpi display than I do about the UI scaling properly (even with correctly sized buttons, I’ve found the program still isn’t usable on a high dpi display) Is there any way I can get SU 2016 to run at half it’s normal resolution? Could this be introduced in a patch as a temporary fix?

@Clayton – You’re summary and response is deeply appreciated and useful. I’m glad to hear that your pleased with some of the improvements that we’ve made. And, of course, there’s always room to improve, and feedback like yours helps us decide which direction to go.

Heya Peter. I believe I sent this link to you in PM, but I wanted to share it with the larger group as well. We released a video tutorial on the new inferencing changes, which you can see in this YouTube video. I hope it helps.

There isn’t a way to change the drawing window resolution in SketchUp. A very unsexy workaround is to increase the display scale in Windows.

Hi @Charly-

Were you able to get LayOut running on your computer? It sounds like you may have a damaged version of the software - I would suggest downloading a new copy from the official SketchUp site and installing again. In this situation it’s best to remove your old copy before installing the new one.


I’m well aware of this (when I switch to 4K, I increase it by 200%.), but (aside from the aforementioned UI elements in v. 2016) display scaling seems to have no effect on SU. This has been an issue for some time now, I think.

I downloaded the dmg file and opened it, but what came up doesn’t look like the example with just the program and the arrow to the applications folder. I has a lot of images of various folders, documents, the logo, an arrow, etc. in no rational order. I dumped the file and tried downloading again, but it came up with the same result when the dmg opened. Any suggestions? Never had this kind of thing happen when downloading a dmg for an app before.

That is certainly strange…Your profile says OS X 10.8.5. I wonder if Apple changed something since then that affects opening this dmg? It opens as advertised on my 10.11.1 installation.

Do you have some sort of show invisible files feature turned on? Or accidentally do a Clean Up By action on the folder?

If anybody know that the Vray 2.0 with the update works with Skchetup 16?