Sketchup 2016 And Maxwell Plugin - GPU rendering not in use

I am using Sketchup 2016 with Maxwell Plugin. Unfortunally rendering process is very slow it look like CPU is used instead GPU.
My configuration is:
Windows 10 with Intel I5 8GB Ram , Graphic Nvidia GTX 750Ti, SSD256GB.
I tryed Tik/Untick “use harware acceleration” and differnt config in Nvidia Control Panel but nothigh is affecting rendering process.

Please help with problem.

As far as I know, Maxwell Render is not a GPU renderer, and I found no mention of GPU rendering on their website.

It has always had the reputation of being slow, but with high (perhaps the best) quality.


Thank you very much for your reply
I am new with Sketchup and I did not know this is not GPU render.
Yes quality is very good but for eave for small projects it takes a lot of time:(

Is there any other good Render plugin which you would recommend for sketchup?


I have used Maxwell for the last two years, it is correct Maxwell can not GPU render. I believe they are working on version 4 that will be a GPU render.

Where are a number of ways to speed up Maxwell Speed bottlenecks in Maxwell