SketchUp 2015 x86 Education?




We’re currently trying to find a 32 bit version of the educational version of SketchUp 2015 Make for a training course that has requested it on our premises. Does anyone know where we could find this? Unfortunately when we go to download Make for Windows, the only option is 2016 x64.

Any help is greatly appreciated :grin:

  • Simon


Hello, Simon,

I believe this page has what you’re looking for. Please let me know!



Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile: Unfortunately that doesn’t list SketchUp Make 2015 x86, just 2016, and I believe they’re just trial versions whereas the educational version doesn’t require a trial.


Hi, Simon,

You’re right; my apologies. I misread your post previously and thought you were indicating that you were unable to get the 32-bit file for 2016, not for 2015.

It is our policy to support only the newest version of Make, which is why we no longer offer 2015 Make for download. I am sorry for the inconvenience.



Ack, that’s a shame. We’ll have to try and work around this. Many thanks for your help Andrew/denisroy :slight_smile:


Hi Simon, can you tell me why you are hesitant to install the 32 bit version of SketchUp Make 2016? Is this due to hardware / software requirements?
Thanks for the response, I’d like to assist if I can.



why not just use SketchUp Make 2016-EN x32 f. Windows 7/8/10 x32 instead of SketchUp Make 2015-EN x32 f. Windows 7/8 x32?

SketchUp 2016 32bit & 64bit downloads (English)

ah, if you don’t wanna a 30-day trial of the Pro add the text “##NoTrial” at the first line of the “SketchUp.lic” file.