SketchUp 2015 loading error for file


I use sketchup 2015
I saw this error how to solve ?please help

I can't access Extension Warehouse

you would need to remove the ‘Beam Tool’ extension and instal an updated version…

did you copy plugins from v13 or earlier?

many will break in v14/15/16 as they use a different version of ruby…



The file is now included with SketchUp 2014 and later. It should be loaded from SketchUp’s "Tools/RubyStdLib" sub-folder, not the plugin’s sub-folder.


I use free version SkectchUp 2015
I can’t fine RubyStdLib in tools
Can you explain more?


You say you do not have C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2015\Tools\RubyStdLib subfolder - but clearly you do as it’s referenced in your error-message.
It’s the same in Make [free] or Pro.
As Dan says that subfolder now includes that .so file’s code - which is needed by this tool [and that shipped .so should also automatically suit your Win-OS - 32/64bit]
This ‘Beam’ tool is either out of date and therefore just not suited for >= v2014 - whatever you do - or if it has been updated, then get its latest RBZ and install that latest version…
A simple update to this plugin is to do this test:

if Sketchup.version.to_i < 14
  ### use old .so from the ../Plugins/BeamTool subfolder
  load "BeamTool/"
  ### use the code that is now shipped with newer SketchUp's
  require "Win32API"

So it this plugin is no longer supported/getting updated then you could attempt editing it using Notepad++.exe for your own private use…
Note it’s round line #192 - as the error-message indicated


Thanks a lot I try it now