SketchUp 2015 disabled features

Greetings! I have SketchUp 2015 and, after not using it for a few years I find that the Geo-location feature has been disabled. In these times, I find myself at leisure to get back into SketchUp. I am grateful to learn I am invited to buy a yearly subscription which will restore the Geo-location functionality. My question is, is there a comprehensive list of features that are no longer supported in 2015? This information will assist me in deciding whether to RSVP to that generous invitation. Thank you, kind folks.

Geo-Location doesn’t work for versions earlier than 2017 due to changes required by Google after the sale of SketchUp. In addition, the 3D Warehouse doesn’t support versions earlier than 2017 so you would need to use other methods to get files from there if you wanted them.

If you’ve kept your operating system up to date there may be some weird behavior with SU2015 because the operating system will have changed but SU2015 did not.

Thanks, Dave. Yes, you’re right- Geo-location does not work in my version. What other features that came in SketchUp 2015 no longer work? I could go through and test them all but am confident that a person smarter than I am has figured it out.

As I said, the 3D Warehouse isn’t supported anymore. And there could be changes in Windows that were made after 2015 was released that could cause problems. Basic modeling functions should work.

I checked your license, and your first version was just before my first one, you were about 4000 licenses before me. I had been trying SketchUp since during version 3, but didn’t buy a license until version 5, and your first one was SketchUp 4.0.

Do you use SketchUp 2015 as part of your job? If you’re not getting any income from SketchUp you could use SketchUp Make 2017, to at least use geo location. You can get that here:

One thing to keep in mind if Geo-Location is important to you is that with SketchUp Make there is only the map. No terrain or aerial imagery so if those are important, 2017 Make won’t be the right choice.

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It looks ok to me.

Is that in Make? SketchUp Make was supposed to lose imagery and terrain. If that’s not true then someone needs to update this page:

SketchUp 2017 (Pro or Make)

Because Google was able to provide this data for free, this service was easily available to all SketchUp users. To continue supporting the Add Location feature, the new data provider comes with licensing fees. For that reason, Add Location’s satellite imagery and terrain will be accessible in SketchUp Pro 2017 going forward.

SketchUp Make 2017 will have access to Map information only – no satellite or terrain information will be available.


Because the new geodata service that SketchUp comes with licensing fees, my.SketchUp will behave just like SketchUp Make and have access to Map information only. Satellite imagery and terrain data will not be made accessible.

SketchUp 2016 (Pro or Make) and older versions of SketchUp

At this time, there is no feasible way to update these versions of SketchUp to use the new geodata service. The Add Location and Photo Textures features will no longer function.

Thanks for that. I had opened Make, but had previously tested adding a license, so it was really Pro even though I had downloaded Make. Sorry for the misinformation!

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Thanks, DaveR and colin. I have all the information I need. You have been extremely helpful. Best regards.


What about the Extension Warehouse? It also seems disabled. And the Ruby console seems disabled as well. I am confused. If there is a list of all disabled features I would not have to try to figure out if my memory is faulty, or if a feature I am looking for
is now accessible some new and different way. Thanks for your guidance.

I believe the Extension Warehouse is not going to be accessible in SU2016 and earlier but you can download extensions through your browser and install them.

Pretty much anything that uses a web interface is going to be problematic in those old versions because Microsoft is no longer supporting IE so there are security issues and in some cases because links have had to change.

It would seem to me that if your time has any value, you’d be better off just getting current and getting on with your work.

So the extension warehouse doesn’t work anymore. I would understand the ruby console doesn’t, either. I had asked if there was a complete list of disabled features and now conclude that the answer is no. It would be most impertinent of me to suggest what someone else ought to be doing instead of what they consider to be important.

I know what I’ll be doing.

I think by now it should be clear. The program like any other program moves on. No one disables features (only a few that have already been mentioned above), they may just break due to the progress of a program. No need to make an exact list of what had been broken. Just make notes of what doesn’t work for you.

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Thank you for clarifying, Wo3Dan. I did clearly state how the list would be helpful to me. That others would not share that view is ok and if they think I should be doing something else with my time I respectfully disagree.

Just to recap, "Is there a complete list of Sketchup 2015 features that have been disabled?
“No, there is not.”
Is not a conversation that happened here. But I did get partial information, incorrect information and patronization.