[SketchUcam] Outside cut tool

Im new to the sketchup world and struggling to give birth to my first cnc project: to cut out a simple circle. What ever shape I have tried and then applied the outside cut tool, the nc plot comes out as a square that is completly drilled. I know you are going to hit me with a million questions so please only answer if you have an answer (would be great) has anyone else experienced difficulty with the outside cutting tool in the same way as me ? Thanks all

Please explain what the “outside cutting tool” is.


ITs the phlatboyz cutting facility button in sketchucam.

Perhaps you’re aware that they have their own support forum.


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Sadly the simple NC plotter included with SketchUcam cannot plot arcs properly but rest assured, your circle will cut just fine.

However, what you said indicates that you are confusing the outside/inside cut tools with the Plunge Hole tool. (I know because plunge holes will drill through and display as squares whereas outside cuts will display as the shape drawn). If you want to cut partway through the material, use ‘centerline’ cuts.

You should read the help, hit the big blue question mark in the toolbar, it will tell you all about the tools and how to use them properly.

Also have a look at the videos in this series: