Sketchfab Plugin buttons not working

When I want to use the Sketchfab uploader in Sketchup the buttons ‘Submit Model’ and ‘Cancel’ don’t work. When you hit the button it bumps but further nothing happens. The buttons don’t seem to do anything.

Have you tried contacting the Sketchfab people?

Yes I did, no reply yet with a solution. So I thought maybe here more people are experiencing the bug or might even have a sollution.

Sketchfab has pretty good customer service I have found, they will reply takes a day or two sometimes though. I do find there is a pretty big processing lag after the button press, have you tried just letting it go until it times out? An other big pitfall I have encountered when it seems the upload is stuck can be too many materials in the model, make sure to purge all before trying to submit, there is no good error message for this just says upload failed after a very long time trying to process.