Sketch up to lay out scaling

Hi there, can anyone help with some tips on how I insert a sketch up model into layout and get accurate scaled annotations? Thanks so much in advance :slight_smile:

I can help you. Can you show an example of what you mean? If you can share the LayOut file that would be best. If you don’t want to make it public, send it to me by private message. If it’s too large to upload here, upload to Dropbox and share the link.

Hi @DaveR thanks for getting back so quickly… I’ve only just started the lay out file. Basically I have a sketch up file and Im creating scenes now for angles of 2 rooms. Then I need to annotate aspects of them accurately in lay out. What I should I consider when creating the scenes and importing them over to ensure stability is maintained?

There’s a big topic. :smiley:

Are you creating elevation and plan views in your SketchUp file? If so and you want to create scaled views in LayOut, make sure to set the camera to Parallel Projection for the scenes. Make sure the style you are using for the scenes is updated (no circular arrows on the style’s thumbnail in the Styles window)

In LayOut, if you haven’t done so, create your template with the paper size set as you want it and include separate layers for the model viewports and your text with the text layer higher in the list than the viewport layer. This will keep the text on top of the viewports.

Make sure when you get your viewports into LayOut that you don’t do anything when adjusting their size to make them show as modified as this will disconnect them from their original scenes. So don’t double click in the viewport to zoom or otherwise adjust the camera.

There’s more but this is a start.

Ok thanks @DaveR let me see if I can digest this… Hmm will I ever master sketch up?:thinking:

Yes! :slight_smile:

Tip of the iceberg stuff. If you guys recommend any sketch up schools, tutors, videos, courses - let me know!!! :slight_smile:

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