Sketch Up Shop HELP!

Is anyone using SketchUp Shop? Seems there is plenty of support for Pro, but not much for Shop. Was hoping to use it for construction site logistics plans but doesn’t seem to be construction oriented that way. Thanks.

SketchUp Shop was renamed to SketchUp Go a while back.

There won’t yet be as many tutorials for SketchUp Go as there are for SketchUp Pro but there are some basics on the SketchUp YouTube channel and at

I guess I wouldn’t plan to use SketchUp Go exclusively for construction site logistics. I expect you’ll need features that Go doesn’t have. Geo-Location with imagery and terrain maybe, LayOut for creating documents, and so on. SketchUp Go coud be useful in the early phases of creating the model and for quick access on site if you don’t have Pro loaded into your laptop.

Your profile says you have a SketchUp Studio subscription so you have access to both SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Go.