Sketch up model slides of screen whilst working resulting in loss of productivity

Hi all, I have been using SKP Pro for a few years now for Garden design (admittedly not as skilfully as you guys, but it works well for us). I recently bought a new Macbook pro and installed SKP Pro 16.1.1451 I can be mid way through a design and the whole page literally slides to the right and off screen leaving me looking at my desk top. Although the Skp task bar remains at the top of the screen. When I click on open recent it will open up the model from the last saved point resulting in time and work lost. I never had this problem with my previous Mac so am not sure if I have cocked up somewhere during install. I am perhaps the most computer illiterate person to use SKP so please bear with me if I sound like a dumb ■■■■.
Thanks in advance

I am not a Mac user but I would guess that what you see is a feature of MacOS, maybe related to multiple desktops, perhaps triggered by some mouse action or key shortcut. What is your mouse scroll wheel button set to do?

Perhaps some Mac user could chime in @DaveR?


Sounds like an issue with Macs. This sort of thing has been reported before. You can find a number of threads about it. I’ll try hunting something up.

Thanks guys, my track pad settings are as factory installed so I can’t see it being that. The only thing I can think of is some issue with OS x El Captaine which I wasn’t using on my old one.