Sketch up Mac or Windows?


Is one platform better than the other for Sketchup? I have a home built i7 Extreme with 24GB RAM and 2x nVidia 670’s and my Mac is a 2011 MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM, 2.4GHz i7. Both are connected to the same Dell 27" 3k monitor.

Reccomended laptop

put it on both and decide…



I agree with John. You will just get individual opinions (many of them strong) so you might as well form your own!


I have a mac book pro and love the fact I can take it on the go. But I also have a PC at home that has a bigger double screen set up I do a bunch of design work on. So… Both! I use Google drive
to store my working files so I always have them on hand… just my take on it! Really why just one? lol



@pseguin219 Beginning with SketchUp 2015, the Pro license is no longer platform specific (ie the same license number can be used on either platform,) and you are entitled to install on 1 Desktop and 1 Laptop/Notebook as long as you (or the licensee) is only using 1 of them at a time. Since also the licenses are now managed by a Cloud License Server, you can only start 1 of them at a time.

You need not worry (about license restrictions) if you’ll only be using the Make editions for hobby fun.

So for testing, check out the new tray inspector interface on the Windows platform. The Mac doesn’t have this yet.

Compare the graphics settings on each platform via the “OpenGL” panel of the “Preferences” dialog. Aim to get the highest Precision setting, with the best Anti-Aliasing, with Hardware Acceleration and Fast Feedback both ON. (The Mac might not allow changing some settings.)

Also compare the functioning of the “Materials” manager (aka inspector) on the two platforms. (They look different and Mac users have had issues dealing with textures. This has been covered here in the forum, where Steve and John have posted “How Tos” for using the Mac dialog.)

Another feature missing from the Mac edition is the “Files” panel of the “Preferences” dialog, where the user can set the default open/save paths used by some of SketchUp’s file interface functions.


Politically speaking, you shouldn’t have any performance difference in two.

As my personal opinion, I prefer Windows. for the some of the reasons that @DanRathbun have said and some more.

  • Material browser
  • Tray
  • Scroll direction
  • Toolbar icons
  • Layer toolbar
  • Some shortcuts can’t be assigned as they clash with MAC’s own shortcut
  • and more.