Sketch up freezing up

So I am not sure what is exactly wrong with this if it is the model or Windows 10, I am leaning towards Windows 10. The file size is only 1500 kb. I downloaded a model masonry institute to use part of the model I wanted. I opened their model and exploded it and kept the parts I wanted for the facade. I grouped everything and just made copies. I tried cleaning this model up with clean 3 plugin and purged numerous times. It still runs slow with selection tool and when I went to turn shadows on to export an image it is now froze. Dell Inspiron My system is Windows 10 Home Intel HD 3000 graphics card 6 gb memory

It could have something to do with the graphics card. You could try updating the drivers.

It could be a Windows update causing the problem. there have been numerous posts recently on the topic.

I cant upgrade intel doesn’t support this card for windows 10. Yeah I was having issues with the selection tool when I first got 17 back in Feb. I’ve read up on that issue .

Well, that’s likely going to cause you problems. Since the card isn’t supported, you’ll probably need to replace it which I’d guess means replacing it with a new computer.

Ive tried this model and 17 on a better pc with windows 7 and it still wouldn’t run correctly.

What was the graphics card in that machine? Were the drivers up to date and was the graphics card up to the task?

How about uploading the SKP file so we can give it a try.

wheres the upload link area for the file? I don’t come on here very much.
I tried it on my work pc it an HP but I cant give you the specs off the top of my head.

Upload button is 7th from the left in the row above the window where you type your message.

AutoSave_Untitled 2 .skp (1.5 MB)
Here’s the file. Thanks.

There’s a lot of geometry to process. I can see how your GPU would choke on this.

Any suggestions how I can fix it?

Better graphics card or reduce the amount of geometry. Get rid of unneeded detail. Use a texture perhaps

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