Sketch up Crashing when i try to add a new axis

Hello. I am trying to add a new axis following the installation of true bend to change the point of bend on the shape. Every time i try to add the new axis from the menu it crashes.

ping @thomthom

What do you mean by ‘add a new axis’?
True bend doesn’t understand when you attempt to change the axes of a group. The simplest option is to position your group so that it follows the red axis, then draw an edge and group it with the group, then bend. Once bent explode the group and delete the edge.

There is a shortcut option on my tool bar to move or reorientate the drawing axis. when i use this the program crashes

What SketchUp version are you using?
Can you elaborate on exactly when SketchUp crashes? (When you click the button for the Axis tool, or while using the tool?)
Does it crash if you disable your installed extensions?

Sketch up 2019 Pro is what im using. I can select hte axis and when i try to place it in the model it crashes.