Sketch up crashes randomly and cant save taskbars


I have re downloaded it several times now still not being able to fix the problem. The issue is it that it, at random, crashes all the time. There is never a set amount of time or a set task I am completing when it does crash. Also every time it starts all my task bars are gone. Now I have read through the forums a few times and seen this similar issue (mostly on mac) and the suggested fixes of deleting a preference file or re installing the program. These solutions are not working for me.

I am running a HP envy with windows 8.1 with dual graphics cards one a intel® HD graphics 5500 and the other a nividia geforce 940M I have updated all the drivers several times as well as trying to set an affinity to a single processor and defaulting each graphic card to isolate if it was the graphics card or not and it crashed on either one. I ran sketchup on my old computer with no problem and this one is brand new so I am not sure why it is not working. thanks in advance for any help or suggestions


It seems there is an issue with 64-bit and OpenGL with the Intel HD5500.

(1) Try switching off Preferences > OpenGL > Hardware acceleration & restart SketchUp

(2) If this does not solve it, uninstall the 64-bit SketchUp 2015, install the 32-bit edition.

(We are so late in the cycle, any fixes are likely to be in the next version.)

Also… set up all your toolbars, and inspector windows the way you want them,… and then exit SketchUp so their positions are saved into the registry. (But always be sure to close the “Outliner” window before exiting.)