Sketch up classic can't open my files now, logo has somehow gone from red to blue


I have sketchup classic 2016

With the red logo

When I save a model it saves as

Sketchuo models (*.Skp)

But when I go to my files ALL of my files have changed to a blue logo and the file name had changed to Sketch up pro 2022.

And I can’t access any of them.

I get a box come up telling me my 30 day trial is over…

No idea this is happening hopefully you can help

it means you have installed sketchup 2022. you or someone using your computer. this is not automated, someone had to access your machine to install su22
(yes, logo went from red to blue)

and since you don’t have a subscription but a classic 2016 licence, then you only have access to SU22 for a month.

you should uninstall sketchup 22 from your machine then, and in the start menu, look for sketchup16 (installing a new version doesn’t get rid of the old)

and if there is not more sketchup 16, then the person who installed sketchup22 uninstalled sketchup16. and you’ll need to install it back.

Thankyou, makes sense but I tried sketch up 22 ,2 years ago and it’s only now changed what format it’s saved but I will have a look, thankyou

Cheers, found it, deleted it and all works great now

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