Sketch Up 2020 Shop hangs up when loading

Sorry - don’t see a way upload image


New to forum - messed up the first post and edit was not the solution.

Anyway, Sketchup 2020 Shop was working fine but now just hangs up and does not finish loading. Any ideas please?

As I see, recently, many people have reported a similar problem in the forum. Especially (mostly) if they have 32bit Chrome.
I guess the Sketchup team is working on it…

Thanks; yeh; they said responses are delayed. I only use Edge on this PC so will give Chrome and Mozilla a try too.

At this point Edge and Chrome are the same, and although I thought your screenshot was Edge, there is no easy way to tell at a glance, other than for me Chrome honors dark mode, and Edge doesn’t.

All that matters is that you’re using the 64 bit version and not the 32 bit version. But, also be using Edge 81 or later, and not Edge v44.

About the “responses are delayed”, that’s for me and others in customer service and tech support. We are busy! The team that will fix the 32 bit issue is dedicated to working on the web app, I would be hopeful of a fix sooner rather than later.

Looks like it is working fine now!

Thanks for the update.