Sketch up 2017 not loading materials/components from program files directory


Sketch up is refusing to load any custom materials and components placed in the
C:\program files\sketchup\sketchup 2017\components or materials

Even though OEM sample materials and components are stored there and all previous versions of sketch up have loaded these exact same custom materials/componets of mine from those directories, Now with this new version I’m having to copy these files to each users %appdata% directory which causes file duplication

Please can someone explain this? These files loaded automatically from the program files directories in all previous versions without issue, I don’t understand why the OEM sample materials/components which are stored in the program files directories will load but other folders with components inside them will not.


You shouldn’t be putting your materials in Program Files. You should be putting them in User?App Data/Roaming/SketchUp…

The OEM Materials folder is not in Program Files. It is in ProgramData. But again, you shouldn’t be putting your custom materials there. If you do and you ever have reason to reinstall SketchUp 2017, you can kiss your custom materials files goodbye. Put them in AppData and they won’t be lost if you have to do anything with the program files.


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