Sketch-EZ a tool to draw on

When used in conjunction with Layout as the program is intended, there is no sacrifice in efficacy. I am confident that you would lose your bet just about every time.

I too began my professional career making use of hand drafting instruments and transitioned over many years to using the computer as my primary design and drafting implement.

I am a licensed professional architect. I have taught various architectural and design related subjects at several universities and have maintained a small consulting practice for the past thirty years or so.

I find it difficult to imagine there being a wide audience for this device even in “developing” economies. The obvious alternative would be to use a drawing pad (pencil on paper) to formulate a plan on a freehand basis and to convert that to digital data. This is a much less time consuming process and the technology is relatively affordable all over the planet.

Cheap shots abound.

Still the point is I want to promote a simple tool. An inexpensive tool
that will enable anyone to produce a technical or architectural drawing
with fair precision.

That task, to my understanding, is just as revolutionary as the
introduction of SketchUp in the field of cad.
My choice of cad packages, leading me to SketchUp was price driven. At the
time any “serious” software had the word “Auto cad” I couldn’t afford it,
still can’t.

You work with the tools you have. The tools you can afford.