Skalp isn’t dead

It seams to work perfect. The Skalp section is placed inside a locked group. Why should you select individual elements from the section? If you really want to do this, you can turn Skalp off, select the section and choose unlock from the right click context menu. But it’s not intended to be used like this. If you want to change the look of the section use the proper Skalp tools.

Sorry if I’m being dense but I’m trying to use it exactly how I’ve always used it, with the proper Skalp tools.

Add a Skalp section, with a scene. Alt select the element I want to pattern (Skalp edit tool)

We introduced the Skalp paint tool in Skalp 2020 to edit the section fill, please watch the following video:

yes, saw that thanks. So the edit tool is no more?

This is indeed replaced by the paint tool.

understood, thanks. I’ll miss that functionality to multiple select but I can now get some work done. Thanks

You still can use select, but you need to select the objects itself and not the section.

thanks, yes I worked that bit out, Ill change the workflow :+1:. It was useful to be able to multiple select section pattern ‘components’ regardless of the group/ component nesting.
For instance being able to select all the insulation elements within a stud wall (or several stud walls) and apply the same pattern. Even thought the model would be organised Walls > Level_00 > Internal > ‘local’ group > Untagged