Size change

need to scale down size of a furniture downloaded from 3D warehouse for a building

You can use either the Scale tool or the Tape tool.
With the scale tool just grab a corner handle and drag it in the direction you want let go and type 0.5 and hit enter and it will be half the size.
If you want to give us more details we can perhaps offer more specific help.

thanks, I’ll try using the approach to shrinking the furniture piece. I just started using the software, but have spent a lot of time on the library knowledge base through 6 modules. There is lot of information. So even when understanding most of the tools, there are always a few that are missed. I was able to change the size on other shapes in the software with the arrow icon and “move” tool icon, but wouldn’t work with furniture downloaded from the warehouse. I’ll give it try though after receiving your suggestion, thanks again

Just used the “Scale” tool and it changed the size smaller perfectly. Thanks!