Size adjustment of one face in LCs?

There is likely a simple answer to my question. Will LCs allow for adjustment of one face or either side of a component? EG in the example below, the black face being made shorter / taller? This is seemingly not a current option within DCs.

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Basically what you are asking is if the two vertices at the top of that face can be moved which would cause stretching of 4 edges and the short horizontal edge between the vertices would move but stay the same length.

I agree, DCs could scale but not stretch like this.

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Dan, you’re spot on!

Constraints limitations of DC’s resulted in multiple components (right_piece_middel_piece,left_piece) in one and workarounds like hiding edges or the need to union parts.

If Live Components could do that, it will be a whole new ball game.


This LC should give some indication :thinking: