Site plan "Ghosting"

I am creating a site plan using a placemaker site. I am experiencing in some of my models the “Layout” site showing thru my site plan (even though I raise the site plan a couple of inches. This has worked in the past but when I orbit it tends to bleed through in some of my scenes???

It would be helpful to upload your model, or at least a screenshot to help us see what you are seeing. Bleed through is an artifact of how OpenGL on your computer works to renders things on your screen. As you zoom out, objects that are very close to each other get shown as together. The farther you zoom out the more pronounced this effect is. Is this site particularly large or is there some geometry very far away from the origin? The simplest way to avoid it is to use tags to hide the object you do not want to see.

Thanks, the placemaker site is bleeding thru my model.

Assign the site a tag and set that tags visibility to off, then update the scene.

Sorry for being a bit dense … the site is tagged “A-Site”, the placemaker aerial is tagged “PM-Location” (w/ the PM-Image turned off). I need both on for my scene. In the past I have run into this when both the site and the aerial are at Z=0, so I elevated the site a couple inches and that solved the issue. If I zoom out far enough it’s not an issue. I do appreciate any assistance. Lex

I could be wrong, but my seat of the pants experience with SketchUp has been that obscuring non-coplanar faces is more a percentage difference than absolute distance. Inches of difference will sort properly from a few feet away, but when you zoom hundreds of feet away, it all starts to bleed together. The only solution from great distances is to truly turn off the geometry that might bleed through.

Right on the mark. The bleed through results from the OpenGL system dividing distance fro m the camera into discrete “bins” for management of what is in front of what else (called z-buffering). The number of bins is fixed regardless of where the camera is located. So, as the distance increases, each bin has to cover a larger amount of space and eventually things that in theory are separate land in the same bin. That causes the bleed-through. There is some optimization that can (and is) done to minimize it, but the effect is ultimately unavoidable with current technology.

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Clearly you do not need all of both on for your scene, some part of the geometry you want not to show. Isolate the geometry you want not to show and retag that with a new tag, then turn off visibility for that tag.

Or increase the distance between the objects by more.