Sink into c'top

Trying to insert a model of an under mount kohler sink into a counter top.It just disappears under it.
What am I missing. Frustrated cabinet maker.

Well it looks like it does what it says. Could you upload some screenshots or the link to the sink?

We need more info! Which 3DW model (there are quite a few Kohler sink models)? What is the structure of your counter top? What are you doing to try to insert the model? Could you share your model here so we can better see what is going on?

Is there a section plane there when you turn on hidden geometry?

Here’s a video I prepared for this sort of thing.


Very nicely explained and demonstrated.

Hey @jim17, @TheOnlyAaron & I will be leading a Facebook Live episode tomorrow (@10:00am MtnTime) addressing this question! Join us live if you can, or watch it later on our YouTube channel.


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