Simultaneous SU Vids and SU app

I want to run videos to learn techniques when SU is running. ie Run video, pause and practice. Repeat as necessary.
I an run vi’s and SU 2017 but not together is 2 threads.
What am I doing wrong?
Win 10 platform.

Maybe a dual monitor setup would help if I understand the question correctly?

However I recently ditched dual monitor in favour of one wider curved Samsung screen. I just open two windows next to each other. You don’t get as much real estate but it saves a bunch of desk space.

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If you have two displays you can drag a tab from your browser to the second display to create two separate windows. Then you can run the video in one and SketchUp Free in the other.

Nice set up! Were do you put your legs?

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You might also consider running the video on a phone or tablet, the bigger the screen the better obviously. I have students do this in class and even ask them to use headphones so they can keep their audio to themselves.

Aha I slide the computer 45degrees! At the moment its just hiding the massive amount of cables (all 12 of them!).


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