[Simplify Contours] Deletes the surface - Need surface restored

It was recommended to me to use the “Simplify Contours” extension to reduce the number of segments in an imported curve. It does that quite well, but the unwanted byproduct is that it deletes the surface, and leaves me with just the closed curve. I cannot use Push-Pull or Follow Me unless it is a surface (at least that has been my limited experience, so I could be wrong on that!). So, how can I make this simplified closed curve back into a surface?


Trace along an edge segment with the Line tool.

in my experience, if a surface really complicated, it may not stick the surface back (or healed) by just drawing another segment along the outline.

You may actually have to do sort of triangulation and just erase the edges you drew along the way as the face appears.

But can’t be so sure until we see your model.

Thanks Dave that was so incredibly simple a solution, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it! Still it would be nice if there was a command to make a closed path/curve “fill” with a surface. (for example, in Rhino, that command is called “Patch”.)

More command, more buttons, more complicated.
Use Line tool to fill.

Like @DaveR describes…
It’s always best to first learn the fundamentals of the native tools, like retracing an edge to heal a face.
Nonetheless, retracing edges can be a bit time consuming when there are many faces to heal.

Here’s a utilitarian plugin that heals them all in one go.
MakeFaces v.1.400 by Todd BurchSmustard.com