Simple way how to hide faces

I have updated my file. I am working on a runway, where a crater should be displayed. I added rectangle with texture of the runway to the hole of the “box”. Over it I placed mesh. Then I placed crater under the runway. How to do it if I want to make a hole (“Window” to the crater)? The hole should not be circular but made of squares only. Think about it that you have a grid like this and you cannot divide it into smaller particles. No triangles, only the 25x25cm grid. So what should be deleted or hidden is squares which are within the outer circle or their end points are within the circle. Those rectangles which are outside the circle and their endpoints fit to the outer circle should not be deleted.

if I understand you correctly.

You should be able to explode all geometry you have to allow sketchup to divide all the surface into squares, and delete the ones you don’t neee. Then group again.

Should I use projected texture to project texture on the grid? There is not texture and there is still rextangle with runway texture under the grid.

if they are not on the same plane, you should just have the texture applied on the grid, then work off of it instead.

Almost there. One more question. How to do it if I want to watch the scene/model without toolbars. Is there something like “Maximaze” (I use F11 in Firefox or tab/F in Photoshop so toolbars disappear - that removes menu too).

are you on MAC or PC? there isn’t maximize button, but you can hide the toolbar on MAC by right clicking it and select “hide toolbar”

I know I can hide them but I wonder why there is not such function to hide all toolbars and menu (when you want only to watch the scene you don’t need toolbars or menus). When making screenshots then the toolbars would need to be turned off - but they are many. So this is not practical.

There isn’t a way to do “Maximize” function like firebox for photoshop that I am aware of.

However, any reason why you wouldn’t use 2D export as jpg instead of screenshot of you don’t want any toolbar?

I did not notice the function. I see it now. My drawing is done. But is it possible to remove the dash line (diagonal) from mesh?

Go, View/ and untick Hidden Geometry.

I am not sure what is the “dash line” you speak of.

if it is one of the axes. you can turn them off by unchecking View → Axes (though axes normally do not export as jpg)

if you accidently have left guide lines, you must get to them and delete them.

or that if they were dashed lines on surfaces

You should bring your screenshots into a bitmap editor and crop them to remove all but the desired image. This is a very fast and easy process and affords you much greater control over the final image. I always bring screenshots into an editor, where I can enhance the image as well as remove unwanted screen elements.


Thanks, this is it …

Is it possible to resize Section plane?

Section plane enlarges to the extent of the model or group.
If you make the section plane inside the group, it can be smaller than the outside.

Otherwise, you can’t resize section plane by itself