Simple File Crashing on Opening

Hi…we have a fairly simple file that is crashing on opening. I have tried the other solutions I have found on these forums (importing into another new file and opening with SketchUp free) with no luck. Here is a link to the google drive folder. If anyone can get any of these versions to open that would be great!

I downloaded the 20200807 version. SketchUp reported problems. If it tell it to fix later, the model crashes SketchUp (BugSplat Crash Report #57683). If I tell it to fix now, it opens and seems to be fine. You may have turned off the option to check problems when opening. Take a look at Preferences->General.

Edit: same thing with the 20200806 version.

Are you sending in the Bug Splats with some contact information?

Thanks so much. This was the issue, and a feature I didn’t even know existed. I will definitely leave it on from now on!