Silent Installation of SketchUp with Pre-entered License for Intune

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I hope you are all doing well. I’m currently working on configuring a deployment of SketchUp across multiple devices using Microsoft Intune. I need to automate the installation process via the command line and ensure that the software is installed silently, without user interaction (already done with success). Additionally, I need to include the SketchUp license key (SN + AC) within the same script to streamline the deployment process.

Could anyone provide guidance on how to achieve this ?

Thank you for your assistance

SketchUp 2024 has no serial number or license key. The user logs in to SketchUp.

Thank you for your response, but we have a classic subscription license. When I install SketchUp 2024, I need to go to the Classic License tab and then add a license. From there, I have to enter my Serial Number and Activation Code to activate the installation.

Until now, I have been doing this and then capturing my installation with VMware AppVolume to deploy it to all my users without any particular action required on their part. I would like to achieve the same result using an Intune deployment, but I am unable to inject this license during the installation.

I think you will have to consult with SketchUp customer support. I don’t know how they are managing multi-seat business licenses since the shift to annual subscription via sign on.

Follow the steps in this help article:

Oh it’s what i need ! Thank you !

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