"Sign in" to 3D warehouse account does not work on particular machine/browser


Title of the page flashes saying “IdP Callback | https://accounts.ske…”

Returning to previous page but not signed in. Signing in using another browser works on the same machine. Clearing the cache does not change anything. Able to sign in to GMail and Google account …

Also get no page where I can enter my username + password …


What is the particular browser and particular machine? Did you try clearing the cache and cookies and restarting the browser?

I noticed a difference depending on from where you sign in: What happens when you sign out and sign into the forum (or Extension Warehouse)? You should be signed in in all three services. It happened to me that 3DWH failed but I was successfully signed into the other two.


Thank you for your prompt reply. Deleting cache didn’t help but deleting cookies did it.
Btw, using Firefox browser.